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Lecture 22

PSYC 2250 Lecture 22: Lecture 22

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

oS98 Distance curve plots the average size of a sample of children at each age, indication typical yearly progress Velocity Curve plots average amount of growth at each year interval showing timing of growth spurts Muscle, Fat, and Bones Fewer bones in hands, wrists, ankles and feet in children Bones in skull fuse with age as fontanels are filled in by bone Childrens bones are softer and have a higher water content than adult bones Ossification occurs gradually throughout adolescence Ephiphyses become thinner and then disappear with age Muscles become longer and thicker and have higher muscle to water content In adolescence there is an increase in muscle more so in boys Fat growth peaks at about 1 year of age and then declines until 6 or 7 and then increases until adolescence Stamina increases with age and is related to growth of heart and lungs Secular Growth Trends Most children are heavier and taller than their parents and grandparents were Lately the gains in height have slowed Timing of puberty had declined from 1900 Children have a faster rate of physical development Lately earlier age of first menstruation has reversed a bit Changes due to better nutrition and health Mechanisms of Physical Growth Heredity
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