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Lecture 60

PSYC 2250 Lecture 60: Lecture 60

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

OS98 6 months infants laugh and smile more familiar people 46 months expressions of anger occur anger is one of the first negative emotions to emerge from generalized distress, and typically does so between four and six months 1 infants tend to be less fearful of strangers when the environment is familiar, and more fearful when it is not 2 the amount of anxiety depends on the strangers behavior 6 months infants express fear Stanger anxiety fear of unfamiliar Infants became wary in the presents of an unfamiliar adult, a reaction known as stranger wariness 1 to 2 years self conscious emotions such as pride, shame, and guilt developed Related to meeting standards of success and failure Affected by adult feedback 7 years emotions like regret and relief are experiences Culture will affect expression of emotions Complex of Emotions Known as the selfconscious emotions involves feeling of success when standards or expectations are met, and feelings of failure when they are not. 1824 months of age Later Developments Older children experience basic and complex emotions in response to different situations or events Fear is another emotion that can be elicited in different ways, depending on a childs age Cultural difference Cultures also differ in the events that trigger emotions, particularly complex emotions. Situations that evoke pride in one culture may evoke embarrassment or shame in another Recognizing and Responding to Emotions in Others
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