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Lecture 55

PSYC 2250 Lecture 55: Lecture 55

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

oS98 They tend to get the rules if they listen to it a lot o Reading participatory reading When child participate in the act of reading TV shows in addition to, not by itself only o Great at repeating an example is the tv show sesame street Language Style Referential Style of Learning vocabularies consist mainly words that name things Expressive style of learning Vocabularies contain more social phrases Language Development in Deaf Children Language develops in same pattern as with hearing children Cochlear implants Sign Language is a true language for the following reasons o It is symbolic and the signs are arbitrary o It is structured and meaningful and has its own grammar o It shows displacement o It is generative Bilingual Children At 1 or 2 there is a lag in language development Mix words of both languages Mix grammar later on Eventually have larger vocabularies More quickly understand that language is a system of symbols Better at inhibiting inappropriate responses Immersion as a method of teaching
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