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Lecture 56

PSYC 2250 Lecture 56: Lecture 56

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

lc982 o Agent and action boy run o Possessor and possession my shoe, my jacket o Action and object push truck, roll ball o Agent and object mom book, dad hat o Action and location run home o Entity and location mom home o Attribute and entity little cat, big boy Demonstrative and entity indicate a specific entity, this toy By 2 sentences become more complex nd They use grammatical morphemes beginning at about 2 bday Learn rules of applying grammatical morphemes Over regularization applying rules to words that are exception to the rule Pay more attention to the end rather than the beginning of words By 3 they are using grammar and intonation to ask questions Between 3 and 6 they are able to use negation (indicating things that are not negative ex. This is not mine) and embedded sentences (2 different thoughts in one sentence ex. Grandma thoguth I like bananas to tell she doesnt like bananas) and can distinguish passive and active voice How Grammar is Acquired Innate predisposition come in the world geared up to learn language, Semantic bootstrapping theory suggests that just from the exposure from language, they will start picking up on how to put language together. They are like prime, brain start paying attention and working on how to put those words together o Children are born knowing that nouns usually refer to people or objects and that verbs are actions; they use this knowledge to infer grammatical errors Evidence of Innate Predisposition for Learning Grammar
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