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Lecture 76

PSYC 2250 Lecture 76: Lecture 76

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

OS98 know that others have diff thoughts and feelings, but when it ocmes down to discriminating the two, sometimes they get those two confuse and revert back to assuming that their thoughts its the same as theirs. Hard to figure out what their thouthgs are 2. Social informational 49 children know that perspectives differ because people have access to different information children know have diff perspective than they do and want diff things but somewhat consume by their own perspective. You dont have the same information if you sawundersttod the thigns the way I did you would want the same thigns as I do. 3. self reflective 7 12 children can step into anothers shoes and view themselves as others do; they know that others can do the same concrete operational where you see big change happening. Able to put themselves in persons place and see worldsituations themselves through the eyes of that person. Able to see persons POV, they know other person is doing the same thing to them, mutual perspective taking 4. Third Person 1015 early mid adolescents children and adolescents can step outside the immediate situation to see how they and another person are viewed by a third person third person stage, they are able to look at two interaction from thirds perspective, they can say I know your POV and you know my POV but how can somebody else see this interaction, and they know how that somebody can say about their conversation. 5. Societal 14 and older adolescents realize that a third persons perspective is influenced by broader personal, social, and cultural contexts
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