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Lecture 73

PSYC 2250 Lecture 73: Lecture 73

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

lc982 More common when parents are uninvolved or in families where theres a lot of conflict and dysfunction Attribution that are internal, stable, global im stupid its gonna carry on, can have a lot of negative feelings global all parts of their life Parenting styles more depressed when parents are emotionally distant and uninvolved Neurotransmitters underlying mechanism: some adolescents may feel depressed because lower levels of neurotransmitters make it difficult for them to experience pleasurable emotions Self Esteem Judgments of personal worth 45 years earliest we can measure self esteem Global and specific self worth Global self esteem take into account that the fact that children dont play the same value in specific areas, for ex. child more academically their self esteem may be lower bcos of it but maybe they have a higher self esteem bcos they dont value that enough. You have to look at specific areas. Self esteem is highest in preschool and declines in school Periods of stabilization and decline with new school levels As it becomes familiar, gradually adjust their self esteem Girls have greater behavioral selfworth than boys in the elementary school years but not during high school Behavioral self worth self esteem tied to behavior in life If you do good things, praise and value Girls have higher behavioral self esteem than boys because more often boys attract the attention of teacher to sit down be quiet so behavioral self esteem may get lower Sources of Self Esteem competence and domains important to them
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