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Lecture 75

PSYC 2250 Lecture 75: Lecture 75

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

Oc78 Depression psychological disorders Negative feedbacks can lead to depression of antisocial attitudes Academic Performance Negative feedback, academic performance and not doing well, if thats your belief you dont try as much and not achieve as much. Antisocial Attitudes More likely be involved in bullying and aggressive behavior Describing Others Children begin describing other people in terms of concrete features behavior and appearance 10 year old with psychological traits adolescence more complex, abstract, more focusin on psychological traits, modern work indicates 45 year olds begun to think about other people in terms of psychological traits such as being smart, funny, shy, helpful. Can also use behavioral examples to infer and underlying trait. Understanding Others Descriptions of others progress from concrete to abstract components Recursive thinking ability to think about what others are thinking about them o Individuals ability to think about what others are thinking about them, that recursive thinking will feed into your self esteem. How you view others will affect with how you view yourself Perspective taking Stages of Perspective Taking 1. Undifferentiated 36 years old children know that self and other can have different thoughts and feelings, but often confuse the two
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