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Lecture 74

PSYC 2250 Lecture 74: Lecture 74

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

Oc78 Scholastic Competence schoolwork Athletic Competence physical ability Social Competence relationships Physical appearance Parents Inductive methods of discipline Why this is a bad behavior, implicit message to children is I think you are competent enough to understand so Im going to explain it to you, which boost childrens self esteem Setting limits Parents who dont set limits, most children in adolescents thinks that parents didnt even care enough if I came home late, not care enough which is sending a message that will lower self esteem Set rules do what I say, children thinks not smart enough to understand not competent enough. Worthy of being cared for, successes are celebrated, etc. Praises that children for being smart, so they will often focus on how they look to other people and choose easier task to ensure success, difficult task means risking failure and failure wont look them very smart. Tend to choose things that are safe. Tend not to achieve much. Parents who praise children for improving, not as afraid on failure, then esteem on is not on the end product its on the change. Theyll choose to persevere difficult things to improve. Gain from improvement, taking slightly risky and achieving more Peers Friends youre fun, I wanna hang out with, important Impact of Self Esteem Relationships o Positive feedback, more time with friends more social skills
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