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Lecture 84

PSYC 2250 Lecture 84: Lecture 84

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

lc982 Modeling o Imitate people Power of influence Disciplinary practices Induction VS Power Assertion Children behave prosocially more often when their parents are warm and supportive, set guidelines, provide feedback Less prosocial when parenting is harsh, threatening etc. Opportunities to behave prosocially Practice to act prosocially Shown that children take part into anything that affords them to help other people like volunteering helping out at home raising funds and they will get intrinsic reward (feel good inside) Aggression behavior meant to hurt others Instrumental aggression used to achieve a goal See in a year old, I want that toy I will take that toy Hostile aggression unprovoked, intended to intimidate, harass or humiliate Develop later, way more beginning of elementary school Reactive aggression triggered by anothers behavior They call you names, you punch themreacting to someone and what theyve done Relational aggression verbal aggression used to undermine social relationships More of like sabotaging rumors, something that humiliate you, breaking social relationships Younger people uses verbal aggression older uses physical Girls uses relational and boys physical
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