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Lecture 81

PSYC 2250 Lecture 81: Lecture 81

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

o82 Stage 1 : Obedience Orientation Adults know whats right and wrong Stage 2: Instrumental Orientation People look out for their own needs, expect the favor to be returned Conventional Level most adolescents and adults, moral decision making is based on social norms what is expected by others Stage 3 : Interpersonal Norms Act according to others expectations, approval by others Whatever gets you praisedapproved of Stage 4 : Social System Morality Social roles, expectations and laws exist to maintain order within society and to promote the good of all people PostConventional Level some adults, typically those older than 25, moral decisions are based on personal, moral principles Stage 5 : Social Contract Orientation Adults agree that members of cultural groups adhere to a social contract because a common set of expectations and laws benefits all group members. Stage 6 : Universal Ethical Principles Abstract principles like justice, compassion, and equality form the basis of a personal moral code that may sometimes conflict with societys expectations and laws People tend to go through this stages sequentially and not move back Moral reasoning link to moral behavior Real life conflicts Moral self relevance the degree to which morality is central to self concept Turiels Domains of Social Judgment Moral Transgressions Harming others, denying others they are right Social Conventions
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