SOC 1200 Lecture Notes - Separatism, Ned Ludd, Deskilling

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Lec 03 Thursday, January-26-12
Apple had 2months of inventory
The regionalization of the world trade slide 7
TQM total quality management, acquired by the Japanese
Resist TQM because it allows them to cooperate with the management
Worker management hostility or imperism
Electronic surveillance big companies are watching you, cameras are watching you
but they are not allowed to do that in washrooms. It is against privacy rights
The companies did not have cameras in cubicles
Guys were protected but not guys Guys only go to cubicles for number 2and
women go often
An option refers to the design of early prisons there would be a guard tower and
they could see prisoners at all times. the purpose is that if u are being watched you
are more likely to behave
AWT actual working time is a form of electronic surveillance entering data
into electronic computer, if your job is to sit there and entre data into computer,
usually electronic puts software into the computer to check if you are working or
not. So if u stop they would know. Ex: if u are supposed to work 12-7. That’s a 7
hour shift. but instead u work 5 hours they would know. This tool is a way for
workers not to slack off.
The political left argues that the economic globalization argues that it is
democratically elected.
Financial mussle of these huge… undermines the nation state.
Critics say it is not accountable to workers
Keep in mind that its an argument more to the left, national government loose
power to international capital
Economic uses becomes Free trade
In earlier times National government were able to protect domestic industry and
Ex: free trade protectionism you protect home grown industries
Governments lose the ability to protect jobs.
National government has to be careful about international work they can’t be too
strict, otherwise it will drive them away. Because if u have too much it will cost a
lot. Lax environmental laws
If wages are too high then company can always say, if u don’t sale your demands we
r moving... they put a lot of pressure
National institutions have been moving from international to financial institutions
NYC, china…
The nation state is held up as an ideal and is being undermined by a nasty capitalism
Some people say that china is communism
International trade lowers prices significantly for consumers Wal-Mart, major
retailers everywhere…
Bernie Ebbers worked for ECOM… went to prison for life for fraud.
Communications turned people into entertainment
Political institutions
Consciousness how has it evolved over time> used in household, one time
located in kingship group, then it moved to band, clam to tribe, under fatalism it
moved to futile village, moved to canton and then finally to the state
Nation state is only defined as economy
The nation state has its own money and legal system and its own wrights and
We have a hybrid between metrite system
Global consciousness arises, and rocket technology, and the centre of the
Global warming. The IPCC international p of the climate change riddled
with corruption, research was deeply flawed
Takes care of human rights
Hybridization thesis and the amaginization
Hybrid is a mixture
Homogenization is all the same
Globalization is when a hydride that is not able to fix, or a homogeneous or both.
Its probably a bit of both
McDonaldization one common shorthand expression for homogenizing effects
of globalization
When people talk of homogenization they often talk about McDonalds food
industry, largest economy, largest cultural influence soft power, hard power,
Coca colonization coca cola its American culture throughout the world
[global culture has been becoming homogenized
MTV, CNN, DISNEY, MCDONALDS, COC-COLA…etc.. are all American culture,
they are Americanised basset ball (global sport) or baseball, cricket, soccer
Return of ethnic separatism globalization is supposed to means the
disappearance of global consciousness and symbol of what is happening. We see
a return of ethnic identity
When union collapsed 1980 or 1990… warring ethnic groups, here’s some of
the groups: 5 different ethnicities ->
Sometimes these ethnic identities are so strong they can identify as ethnic
cleansing, systematically killing the group. In Africa in the 1990s rawonda,
ethnic tribal groups such as: ….
Hybridization thesis has more merit, which means globalization will remain a
mixture of ethnic culture
Life combined with homogenized
Slide 10
Globalization is the simultaneous homogenization of some aspects of life and
strengthening of some local differences under impact of globalization ex:
McDonalds serves different foods in different countries..
Production, distribution and exchanging them economy in the modern world
Lean production productivity technology,,, productivity has increased
enormously. Productivity is directly related to wealth. Markets regulate.
Supply and demand
If u have low supply you will have high demand and high prices
staples -> Canada was a still and is, Raw materials, timber, minerals, oils, and
fish, off the east coast. The division of labour increases. Specialization, work
tasks in society.
Specialization was age to fold, age and sex
Men hunted, women gathered back in the days, you must specialize, sociology is
a specialization itself, within socio there are further specialization and it has
increased enormously
1990 secondary sector developed and appeared in the 80 years
Increased over the last 25 years
We have become a service economy