SOC 1200 Lecture Notes - Methadone, Fluoxetine, Chiropractic

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Black death originated in asia and spread through trade routes, killed a third of Europes
o Cause of the plague was a bacillos that spread from lice to rats to people.
Life expectancy the average age at death of the members of a population
o Canada’s = 83 for women
o 78 for men
Health The ability of an individual to achieve his potential and to respond positively to the
challenges of the environment. The basic resources of health are income, shelter and food.
Rate of illness and death are examined to measure health of population
Jeanne Louise Clement died at 1997 at age of 122, oldest age.
Since 1840, life expectancy has grown by 2.5 years per decade
In 2006, highest life expectancy was 82 years in Japan and by 2050, it is expected to be 92 years
Swaziland has shortest life expectancy of 33 years, and in other sub-saharan African countries
life expectancy is lower than 50 years.
3 social causes of illness and death are:
o Human Enironmental factors: How environment are shaped for human activity. Social
class, occupation and nationality correspond to different sorroundings in which people
work and live. Some environment factors good health while others impose added risk.
Environmental racism also contributes to lower health eg. Dumping industrial chemicals,
Inuits have 10 times more contaminated breast milk.
o Lifestyle factors = smoking, alcohol and drug use, poor diet, lack of exercise and social
isolation. Death of a spouse also increases the risk. Unmarried spouses have social
isolation and are more likely to die prematurely.
o Factors related to Public Health Care systems lack of public health and health care
system are associated with lower life expectancy and illness.
Public health system = comprimises government programs that ensure access to clean drinking
water, basic sewage and sanitation services and inoculation against infectious diseases.
Composed of nations clinics,hospitals and other facilities to ensure health.
HIV/AIDS is leading cause of death in urban Haiti and sub Saharan Africa
Infant mortality = number of deaths before the age of one for every 1000 live births in a
population in one year.
People with low income die at a younger age
Poverty is associated with smoking, alcohol consumption, obescity, physical inactivity, but
behavioural factors are weak predictor of health status compared to socioeconomic factors.
5 reasons for deteriorating health as we move down the class hierarchy are:
o High stress & inability to cope with it > people in lower class experience high stress
because of their deprived and difficult living condition, also live and work in dangerous
and unpleasant conditions
o Differences is the earliest stages of development that have life long consequences =
equalities of the start of life, eg. Poor circumstances during pregnancy such as poor
nutrition, can affect health in later life.
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