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Lecture 7

SOC 1200 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS98 each stage of life is linked to biological process of aging  life course is largely social construction people in other societies may experience a stage of life quite differently  societies organize life course according to ages and also classes cohort = category of people whit something in common, usually their age Resocialization: Total Institutions total institution = a setting in which people are isolated from the rest of society  and manipulated by an administrative staff have 3 important characteristics: o staff members supervise all aspects of daily life life in a total institution is controlled and standardized with the same food, uniforms, activities for everyone formal rules dictate when, where and how inmates perform their daily routines resocialization = efforts to effect radical change in an inmates personality by  carefully controlling the environment physically isolate inmates behind fences, barred windows, locked doors, limited access to phones/visitors institution becomes their entire world, making it easier for staff to bring about personality change or at least obedience   resocialization is 2 part process 1) staff breaks down inmate’s identity inmate must give up personal possessions, in place staff provide standard- issue clothes so everyone looks alike individuals also give up privacy (constantly being inspected) 2) staff tries to buil
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