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Lecture 16

SOC 1200 Lecture 16: Lecture 16

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University of Manitoba
SOC 1200
Susan Miller

Oc982 legally men and women are equal, but men do dominate women in many ways o more likely to send sons to university Classless Societies – The Former Soviet Union USSR (union of soviet socialist republics) born out of Russian revolution 1917  Revolution ended feudal aristocracy Revolution guided by ideas of Marx  State took control of economy, boasted they had created first classless society There actually were 4 classes based on jobs High government officials (apparatchiks), soviet intelligentsia (lower government officials, professors, scientists, physicians, engineers), manual workers, rural  peasantry 1985 Gorbachev – perestroika (restructuring) o tried to generate economic growth by reducing inefficient control of the economy people blamed their poverty on the repressive ruling class of communist party officials 1991 Soviet Union collapsed  shows social inequality involves more than economic resources structural social mobility = shift in the social position of large numbers of people owing more to changes in society than to individual efforts China: Emerging Social Classes Communist revolution 1949   State took control of all productive property Communist party leader Mao Zedong declared all types of work to be equally important – tried to officially rid social classes  Reduced economic inequality, social differences still remained Ruled by elite with eno
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