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Lecture 24

SOC 1200 Lecture 24: Lecture 24

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

o982 Sex vs. Gender Sex = biology Physical characteristics  Gender = social expectations of behavior What people in community expect of us due to our sex Expectations can change over time Biology DOES NOT  How do we learn the motivation/rules to act properly when it comes to gender? Gender script Represents processes through which we become   masculine/feminine acording to expectations of our community Begins at birth   Already have labels and expectations   Causing your child to internalize By age of 3, children already have gender preferences in terms of toys Has NOTHING to do with physical makeup o E.g. color blankets in hospital, children’s toys, boy/girl bathrooms in school Groundwork is already in place for power distinctions between males and females  Relationships in terms of sports, etc.  Everything the male is taught, compred to the female is “better-than” Differences in our expectations E.g. competitiveness, being assertive, emotioal displays (women are more emotional), use of language E.g. word bitch = assertive female o Used to demean an action/posture – social control
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