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Lecture 35

SOC 1200 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS82 2 social classes – capitalist (boug.) and proletariat capitalist owned, proletariat sold their labour power to capitalist  capitalist became very aware of themselves as a group – class awareness – during industrial revolution  proletariat lack class awareness members of class might become aware of common interest  class awareness = class consciousness if proletariat achieved this consciousness (see each other as members of group), it  would move the proletariat from being a class in itself to being a class for itself no class consciousness (not aware of each other of being members), =  have false consciousness  lack the awareness of what they have in common   misperception of their actual situation  lack awareness that they are being exploited  proletariat lack class awareness/consciousness because they aren’t aware of the other exploited proletariats e.g. the $300000 worker vs. the minimum wage worker economy is like a rollercoaster, when it turns for the worst, people all over lose  jobs (regardless of income) during these times of economic crises, people realize they are all in the same boat Status = recognized social position E.g. student, father, lawyer   Who/what we are in relation to others 1) Ascribed – standards over which we have NO control
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