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Lecture 32

SOC 1200 Lecture 32: Lecture 32

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University of Manitoba
SOC 1200
Susan Miller

c982 Medical Model  Psychiatry – medical specialty (MD) 4 main assumptions: o 1) medical model assumes that physical states of the body can be defined and classified as healthy or ill 2) medical model assumes that disease can be detected through observation 3) assumes that effective treatments are available 4) if not treated, illness will tend to worsen these 4 assumptions can be applied to psychiatry  1) one’s psychological state can be defined/classified as healthy or ill 2) one’s mental condition can be diagnosed through observation 3) effective treatments are available 4) one’s mental problem will not go away by itself Etiology = cause  What is the cause of mental illness? Most psychiatrists fall into 1/3 different camps in terms of etiology Some believe that most mental illnesses are biological in nature (genetic, chemical imbalances)  Others believe that most mental illnesses are psychological in nature (people have defective coping skills)  Some believe that mental illnesses are social in nature (suffer as result of environment) o Doctors are taught to seek out pathology (illness, sickness) o Doctors are not taught to find health/wellness Labeling Theory There are low levels of agreement of what is the primary cause of mental illness   They also don’t agree on what the symptoms represent Unlike other specia
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