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Lecture 47

SOC 1200 Lecture 47: Lecture 47

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University of Manitoba
SOC 1200
Susan Miller

oS78 4. Population Definitions  Demography = study of human population  Fertility = incidence of child-bearing in a country’s population  Fecundity = maximum possible child-bearing Crude birth rate = #births in year/population x 1000   Mortality = incidence of death in society’s population  Crude death rate = #deaths in year/population x 1000  Infant mortality rate = #deaths in first year/number live births x 1000  Life expectancy = average lifespan of society’s population (77 & 82) Migration = movement of people into and out of a specific territory   Immigration = movement into an area  In migration rate = #people entering an area for every 1000 people  Emigration = movement out of an area Out migration rate = # people leaving for every 1000   Net migration rate = IMG-OMR  Internal migration = movement within borders  Natural growth rate = CBR-CDR 70/NGR = doubling time in years   Sex ratio = number of males for every 100 females in nation’s population Age-sex pyramid = graphic representation of the age and sex of a population (males on left, females on right)  Zeropopulationgrowth=levelofreproductionthatmaintainspopulationatsteadyrate  (2.1 children) Urbanization = concentration of p
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