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SOC 3391
William M.Last

Sexual harassment: 2 types: 1. Quid pro quo sexual harassment -takes place when sexual threats or bribery are made a condition of employment decisions 2. Hostile environment sexual harassment -involves sexual jokes, comments, and touching that interferes w/ work or creates a hostile work environment -relatively powerless women are more likely to be harassed -many aspects of our culture legitimize male dominance and making it seem valid or propwr Toward 2118 GEM=gender empowerment measure -takes into account women’s share of seats in parliament; share of administrative, managerial, professional and technical jobs; and their earning power -there is more gender equality in rich than in poor countries -suggests that gender equality is a function of economic development -some exceptions to this general pattern -gender equality is also a function of government policy -to bridge the gender gap in earnings we need 1. Better child care systems 2. A policy of “equal pay for work of equal value” Child care: -child care in Canada is chronically underfunded -therefore, many Canadian women w/ small children are unable to work outside the home or can only work on a part time basis Equal pay for work of equal value: -refers to the equal dollar value of different jobs. It is esta
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