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Omens and Oracles Lecture notes from guest professor about omens, oracles, inductive divination and intuitive divination.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

Omens and Oracles October2010 1148 AM Omen something that is observed happens naturally but are extraordinary Messages from the gods breaks natural order of things Can be provoked ie Starving chickens and then observing how they peck at foodChildren born with deformities Oracle 3 meaningsPlace of prophecy tradition attached to the places oracle of Apollo at DelphiSpeaker of the prophecy person who speaks the prophecy is an oracle MatrixOracle itself the prophecy being spoken Oracles are sought human initiated Are answers to specific questions from individuals or representatives for a city Answers usually interpreted as a yes no or sacrifice to Oracles must be interpreted by a professional OmensoraclesdivinationAka prophecyAlso involved in magic which is less socially acceptableKey human activity people have always wanted to know the future2 types inductive and intuitive Inductive Divination
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