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Mythical Creatures Lecture notes from guest professor about the kinds of mythical creatures in Greek mythology and the stories associated with them.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

Mythical Creatures October1510 400 PM Often combine human and animal forms Add excitement to myths Provide unique quests and challenges Provide local colour of faraway lands HumanoidsGiants o Created by Mother Earth to overthrow Zeus o Piled rocks to reach the sky where Zeus lived o Took all the Gods but the giants were defeatedCyclops o Originally 3 who produced Zeus lightning bolts o Polyphemus famous giant appeared in Odyssey Giant traps Odysseus who then offers him wine Polyphemus falls asleep Odysseus and crew heat up metal rod and stab him in the eye Giant traps them in a cave with his sheep Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the underside of the sheep and escape o Galatea Polyphemus girlfriend She leaves him for someone else he kills that someone elseo Cyclops are generally cannibals Human and Animal CombosTyphon o Part human part winged serpent o 100 snake heads usuall
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