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Greek Philosophy Introduction to Greek philosophy, including early scientists and their beliefs and pre-scientific cosmogony.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

Greek Philosophy November0810 1230 PM The Early ScientistsThe preSocratics o Engaging in philosophy before Socrates 469399BCEPhilosophy Greek philo sophia o Love of wisdomknowledge o Pursuit of knowledge of any kind not what we traditionally think of as philosophyScience Latin scientia o Means knowledgeo Means knowledge of anything very broadPhysis means nature Where we get our word for physics o Would also be botany and biology in ancient times Means to growCosmos the universeo Concept of universe in antiquity not as broad as ours o Root of word means order and beauty Greeks thought of their worlduniverse as having some kind of order and structureo Where we get cosmology modern branch of physics and astronomy that is the study of the universeo Cosmogony theories and ideas about the birth of the universe the originsAncient world would not have distinctions between modern divisions of science philosophy Early scientists trying to understand universe and humans place in it Pre Scientific Greek CosmogonyTheogony origins of gods Written by Hesiodo Origin of godsorigins of universe o In the b
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