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Greek Literature Introduction to Greek literature detailing the three most famous playwrights and their works: Sophocles, Aeschylus and special attention to Euripides.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

Greek Literature October2710 1232 PM Greeks invented tragedy drama and comedy Specifically the atheniansextremely significant to culture Produced during classical age Theatre of DionysusBig theatre community eventEvery year a festival called Dionysia took place featured the production of plays Community event involved presentation of plays as offering to gods olympic games offering to god zeus Offers the best of human endeavoursPresentations also a competition who puts on the best play the best actor producerDifferent plays every year plays were put on once and thats it Plays and PlaywrightsThe plays o About 1000 tragedies produced over the classical age only 32 survive Survived because they were popular in the Roman period really were outstanding works of art o Used of traditional myth trojan war achilles Use same body of myth that epic poetry did Ramifications audience knows where the story is going know the ending reason peopl
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