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Pato Lecture notes detailing the life of Plato, his works, beliefs and relation to Socrates.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

Plato November1210 1230 PM Wrote a lot about Socrates Difficult to determine what is Socrates and what is Plato After death of Socrates he was bitter with the state 428348 born just after Peloponnesian wars began Grew up during that war war between constitutional ideals Athens was defeated and enduring siege of Athens then period of restored democracy and death of Socrates o Student of Socrates o All existing constitutions and laws were bad because they were incapable of meeting new situations created by complex and changing events of daily life o Believed they needed a ruler who had true knowledge of what was good for the state Knowledge came from understanding of the state in it natureo Ideal state divided into 3 groups Guardians Auxiliary and the rest of society rulers military assistants and the rest of society o Eugenics used to produce best candidates for top groups and no discrimination based on gendero Lost confidence that his ideal state could be carried out decided to try for second best people would be ruled by laws created by expertsLoss of FaithExperiencing tension between democracy and oligarchy within and without Athens Aristocrats believed that oligarchy would be the best rule for the stateWhereas Socrates was
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