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5th Century Athens Notes about the Dark Ages from Greece. Includes: Athens internationally, Persian War, Delian League, Athens at Home, Government, and Festivals.

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Classical Studies
Sheila Ager

thSeptember 17 2010 th5 Century Athens Polis and Empire Equality and Subjugation Dark Age in Greece ca 1100800 BCEThe following disappeared in the above time period palace culture writing pop decreased trade btw palace centers and other lands military agricultural artistic technologies grand art and architecture luxuries like gold jewellery inlaid weaponry bathtubs continued and longlasting settlement great migration occurredThe only good thing that happened was migration close to Athens Polispoleis pluralSelf governing city w own constituting laws gov military and taxationMost poleis have fortified lower town defensible citadel and main citytown land surrounding itBy 600 there were 950 of these w small pop and small size600 in the MediterraneanPlato writes Poleis scattered all through the Mediterranean seaMany of them developed from the migrations that happenedWent as far out as Italy and North AfricaMost of these poleis foug
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