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Stefan Idziak

Social MobilityMoving updown the class hierarchystratification systemIntergenerational mobilityyour occupation when its all said and done compared to your parents can be upwards or downwardsIntragenerational mobilityUpward intragenerational mobilityyou start off at a crappy job end up with a good job you move up before you dieDownward intragenerational mobilityyou start off with a good job get kicked out of the association end up with a crappy job you move downA persons occupational standing is compared to a parents occupational standing Can have upward intergenerational mobilityTheres also downward intergenerational mobility called social slidersIf parents are very successful in life its very hard to top themSometimes when children come from a successful family its hard for the kids to adjustCanada is a highly mobile countryUpward intergenerational mobility is 20It siphens off social discontent by giving people upward mobilitySociety has rewarded talented people of the working class for their hard workYou can coopt them they becomerather than radicalsThis is the way the system is supposed to work superior ability should be rewardedAbility equals meritIf you have ability society will reward you with wealth prestige and powerChildren of immigrants to Canada do better educationally have higher levels of educational attainment and have higher levels of occupational achievementattainment than Canadian born children Status refers to one of the skilled tradesRankie professional blue collar etcStatus is a position within the rankIe rankprofessional powerteacher Ascription based stratification systems are one in which allocation ranks are based on qualities one is born withAscribed societies are traditional societiesuse ascription a lotThe only society that uses ascription more than ascribed societies is Apartheid societiesApartheid societya society based on racial preferences ie the former South Africabased on the notion of racial superiority and inferioritythe key here is segregation of the racesIe Housing schools transportation restaurants hotels ie rat pack theatres drinking fountaintsRaceascriptionEthnicity can be seen as an ascribed traitThe ascriptive process here is stereotypingIf an ethnic group is seen as inferior negative stereotyping All traditional societies were caste systemsIe England peasentsmerchentschurch etcOpen societiesfluid can have movement based on achievementClosed societiesrigid closed no movement ie apartheidAscriptiona way to maintain inequalityHuman rights commissionsdeal with employment discrimination discrimination with housing etcModern societies arent 100 achievement based but when compared to traditional societies the difference is vast Look at overhead figure from lecture
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