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Lecture 20

AGRC 112 Lecture 20: Ag 112 Reveiw

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University of Saskatchewan
AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

** Know for pigs and calves -Typical number of piglets born alive ** - What typical pregnancy length is - Litters per year - Number of cycles per year - Weight of the pig at slaughter - 110 kg - Phases of feeding Rendering ** not going to be on the exam ** - When you slaughter animals you generate a lot of waste products so you break that down and its called meal that is used in farm animal nutrition - Gain calcium and phosphorous Digestive tract adaptation:
 - Difference between the digestive tracts - Mongastric - pigs and humans - Rumen - has all the fermentation. Extracts the most nutrients - The horse is a combination between rumen and monogastic, the feed goes through the stomach and small intestine. The rest of diet goes to the hind gut and goes through fermentation and they get the energy. - You can feed a rumen a poor quality diet and the rumen will convert it into a high quality diet with lots of nutrients. Horses have a symbiotic relationship Domestication of animals - Domestication - one that has been bred in captivity for purpose of economic profit to a human community with complete human control over its breeding - Key components of domestication - Humans have control over breeding - Territory - Food supply - Early sexual maturity / breeding - Why domestication - For societal benefits - Which animals - Did animals choose - Based on characteristics In Humans modern eating habits reflect - Increase wealth increase in meat consumption - North america is in stage 4 or 5 - Nations like china are moving from 1 and 2 into 3 ( major increase in animal products ) Malnutrition and undernourishment - 1 billion people aren't getting enough nutrition - Malnourishment is about 2 billion where they aren't getting better quality diets Phase of animal product consumption depends on geography - North america is in phase 4 and 5 - Phase 4 and 5: - Is the consumer becoming more aware of how food is produced - Intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of the food they are coming - Food safety issues, how will it effect health in the future - Worries about extensive qualities like animal welfare and sustainability in the environment - China and India moving into phase 3, and when you get more disposable income they will buy better quality food which has a inflict of the production of poultry, meat and pork. Large milk qualities are effected that much . - This increase in demand has driven an increase in the livestock production system n china and india and there is expansion in livestock and crops in the countries Human Health and foods of animal origin - 25 - 30% of people are not consuming a diet which is appropriate for there hea
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