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Lecture 10

AGRC 112 Lecture 10: Ag 112 lecture 10

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University of Saskatchewan
AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Ag 112 lecture 10 Livestock -9% of total global CO2 - Theres a lot of things that contribute - Deforestation, a main cause of carbon that is realized into the environment, it is unfair to add deforestation into the agricultural section. Livestock = 37% of total global CH4 - Methane emission, livestock is responsible for a big part. 2 most important ways it is emitted is enteric fermentation, and manure management -Ruminant animals in development nations are fed poor quality diets so they means diets with low fibre and protein content that releases a lot of methane. If they have a good quality diet there is far less methane diet Livestock = 65% of total global N2O - All goes back to the management of manure. Most of it is from developing nations ** We are looking at the inefficiency of agriculture in developing countries ** Conclusion: Animal agriculture is having huge global impacts on the environment Re-assessment: Global GHG emissions contribution estimates lowered from 18% to 14.5% of anthropogenic emissions - Most of the emissions are related to Enteric methane Agriculture accounted for 8% of that 3% was enteric, 1% was from manure management, and 4% was from agricultural soils. 82% of Canada GHG emissions are attributed by 3 sectors - Utilities - Non-ag manufacturing - Mining/ oil & gas extraction GHG footprint for Canadian Beef - In the beef production system 80% of methane production is from the cow calf sector - What are the opportunities to lower it even further? - Decrease emissions - Sequestering ( capture) CO2 as biomass - Laying it down in plant material, carbon sinks ( growing crop, building up carbon in the soil) You cant to move the carbon from the atmosphere into the soil as organic matter CO2 mitigation 1. Reduce land use conversation - Pasture or rangeland has been ripped up and covered to crop production. Loss of vegetation - Deforestation primarily in Latin America ( argentina / brazil ) 2. Improv
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