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Lecture 3

AGRC 112 Lecture 3: Ag 112 lecture 3

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AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Section 1: Role of food animal production in society ( part ii) Nutrition Guidelines Changing - Very strong recommendation of cholesterol and saturated fats because they were deemed to be harmful to your health - There is no relationship between cholesterol and saturated fats -it is neutral - Human health has decreases - obesity, diabetics - Margarine made from plant oil and palm oils which is far worse then you then other butter because it contained hydrogenated fatty acids which are worse then you then trans fats Human health and foods of animal origin - Average Canadian eats over the average recommendation of daily allowance for RDA and refined grains while we are under the daily allowance for milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains - Canadians obtain about 1/4 to almost 1/3 of their calories high fat snack foods, sweets and sweetened beverages - Nutrition surveys indicate that many Canadians have low to marginal intake of fibre and essential minerals and vitamins - You should be eating a high protein diet in the mornings while eating a high carbohydrate diet in
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