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Lecture 12

AGRC 112 Lecture 12: Ag 112 lecture 12

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AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Lecture 12 ** No lab questions on the final exam ** Mitigation - Reduce P inputs - Phytase supplementation - We can lower the levels in the feed diet by monitoring what does into the feed. The supplement phytase produced to break down the unavailable phosphorous in the animals diet - Enviropig - incorporated a phytase gene, the same one being added to feed stocks, into the saltatory glands, so when it produced saliva it produces the phytase which starts breaking down the phosphorous faster so you have better digestibility - It has not been accepted in society, although it is very doable and create this enzyme in the pig. It has no effect on the pig or its health - When adding manure to the soil you want to know the p level so your not adding to much into the soil - Soil contamination of p is often dealt with how many animals you have in the area and how much the soil is being fertilized, very common systems when they haul the manure to regions of more cropping to fertilize the soil so the nutrients level is balanced - In Sask there is regulation of intensive livestock operations and how to distribute the manure Eutrophication summary - Primary cause excess phosphorous - Due to over fertilization and livestock manure - Relation to livestock - Intensive production near urban areas away from site of crop production - Imbalance between the livestock areas to the cropping areas - Need to be using phytase enzymes to break that ph
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