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Lecture 16

AGRC 112 Lecture 16: Ag 112 lecture 16

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University of Saskatchewan
AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Lecture 16 Response to antibiotic resistance in north America - Increase regulation on distribution of antimicrobial drugs for use in food animals - Limit antibiotics important in human medicine or in same family as important antibiotic - Develop guidelines - We know how much is being sold but we don't know how much is being used in animals - expired antibiotics get dumped and end up in the waterways - Increase surveillance for antimicrobial resistance in food animals - Increase actives to identify antimicrobial alternatives - Prudent use in the human/ companion animal health Antibiotic- free production - Currently a small percentage of producers are completely removing antibiotics to meet niche market demand at premium price - When the animal is treated they are removed from the herd. The antibiotics are an insurance policy - Health problems encountered have limited the number of process adopting this practice Antibiotic alternatives - Ingredient selection and feed processing - Intestinal bacteria utilize ingested nutrients as substrate for growth - Considerable variation in ability of different species to used different nutrient s
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