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Lecture 9

AGRC 112 Lecture 9: Ag 112 Corn

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AGRC 112
Takaya Kunio

Cron (Maize; Zea mays L.) - Native to Central and South America - The leading producers are the USA and China and Brazil Kernel structure - Naked caryopsis - Large kernel size ( 10x wheat) - Large (12% of kernel, contains 35% oil) Kernel composition compared to wheat: - Higher in starch and oil - Lower in protein - Protein is of lower nutritional quality ( low in lysine, threonine, and tryptophan) - Gluten free: used to prepare masa ( dough prepared from alkali-treated corn) Wet milling ( utilization of corn ) - After seeping or soaking the bran can be removed - corn is separate in germs, gluten, starch and fibres Utilization of corn - Wet milling into germ, starch and by products ( fibre, protein, solubles) - Germ: Extracted to produce oil and meal - Starch: food starch —> sweeteners - By - products: Feed ( corn gluten meal ) - Fuel alcohol: whole grain and refined starch - By products are dried distilled grains and dried distillers grains with solubl
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