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ARCH 250
James Dzisah

Nonionized Radiation Radiation that has lower energy Not enough energy to displace electrons from the atoms This radiation does cause harm but that harm is not obvious It is a subject of debate and research We will look at some case studies about it Its hard to generalize things about nonionized radiation because there isnt enough evidence but we can look at each case independently Microwave Radiation Widely used that even we dont know of For example if you are driving fast and police stops you microwave radiation is to blame To send telephone and television communications To treat muscle sourness To dry and cure plywood If plywood is damaged during processing microwave radiation is used to find where is it damaged To raise bread and doughnuts used in companies but not much at homes To cook potato chips Microwave ovenMicrowave Oven Radiation Microwave radiation is electromagnetic radiation Radiation from the sun is also an electromagnetic radiation Microwave radiation is used for cooking because it is easily absorbed by foods As soon as this radiation enters food it gets transferred into heat Plastic glass ceramic dont absorb microwave radiation and they are not heated during cooking of food Microwave safe plastic Passes through glass paper and plastic This radiation is reflected by the metal It can be absorbed into metal and metal wont heat up Microwave radiation just bounces on the metal surface and it wont be absorbed This is why you dont cook any thing in metal in microwave oven What are we doing when we are cooking Microwave is made up of metal Inside parts are metal Its appliances produce microwave radiation Microwaves bounce back and forth wit
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