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Lecture 3

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BIOL 107
Kara Somerville

HOW DO SPATIALLY VARIABLE ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCE POPULATION DYNAMICS  Will not find individuals of a species everywhere within the area indicated on the map.-no species not even the most abundant, is found everywhere within its mapped range  Populations are divided into separated, discrete subpopulations that live in distinct habitat patches-areas of a particular kind of environmental that are surrounded by other kinds  Metapopulation: larger population to which such subpopulations belong  Rescue effect: immigrants may prevent declining subpopulations from becoming extinct  bay checkerspot butterfly example of metapop’n; caterpillars feed on specific plants, restricted to outcrops of serpentine rock in California; during drought yrs, most host plants die early in spring, before the caterpillar have developed far enough to be able to enter their resting stage  study-manipulated the habitat of tiny arthropods; created isolated patches of their habitat- mosses growing on rocks-# of patches patches declined 40% in a yr; demonstrated that small pop’n were more likely to become extinct than large pop’n; another experiment-created similar patches connected by narrow corrioders of moss; a gap of 10 ,, was sufficient to reduce the rescue effect for tiny organisms  populations of migratory species may be influenced by events on both teh breeding and wintering grounds, as well as in the places where
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