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Jan 6- Types of Reactions

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Biomedical Sciences
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Jon Stone

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th January 6 /11 Biological systems are catalyzed by enzymes Anabolic Reactions: Needed to synthesis biomolecules - Small molecules converted to large, complex molecules - Need energy Catabolic Reactions: Needed to break down molecules - Large molecules converted to smaller, simpler molecules - Produce energy Chemical reactions don’t occur in isolation E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 A B C D E F Convert A to F - Uses 5 different enzymes - Metabolic Pathway Reactant = substrate Product = product Every reactions has a reactant and a product o A to F  product becomes the reactant o B to C to D to E  Intermediates or metabolites Linear Metabolic Pathway - Series of reactions (see above) Branched Metabolic Pathway - Final product branches out to produce two or more different reactions o Each of these reactions is catalyzed by different enzymes Circular Metabolic Pathway - Connected in a circle The first reaction of every metabolic pathway is regulated and irreversible - Need different enzymes to catalyze the first reaction o A to B is irreversible o B to C to D to E to F are reversible The branching point’s first reaction is irreversible and regulated - Following reactions are reversible Ty
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