CMPT 100 Lecture Notes - Telecommuting

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Published on 12 Oct 2012
CMPT 100
Into the Information Age
Major shifts in way of life/economy
- Hunter-gatherer economy
- Gives away to agricultural economy (plow/farming)
- Industrial economy (machines/factories) gives way to:
o Information/knowledge economy
Computers and jobs
- When a job is transformed by technology so that it requires less skill
- Example: role of university registration ‘clerks’ replaced by online registration process (may lead
to fewer positions)
- When a job becomes more technical, requiring the worker to have more skills
- Example: remaining registration “clerks” need increased capability to understand…
Automated Office
- Workgroup computing
- Can radically change the way businesses operate
- A lot of business issues are a workflow
Compliance Through Trust Enforcement
- Use GPS systems to track vehicles
- Use GPS to monitor company issued cell phones
- Reduces # of commuters, thus saving energy, reducing pollution, and decreasing congestion
- Saves time
- Doesn’t fit those jobs requiring interaction
- Requires self-discipline to avoid either working too little or too much
- Official social life missing
- low visibility
- May promote out-sourcing
Computers at school
- Pros
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