CMPT 100 Lecture Notes - New Media, Wii, Interactive Art

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Published on 12 Oct 2012
CMPT 100
The Big Trend
- Old media (1) transformed
o Visual arts -> digital art + photography
- Tools
o Drawing and painting tools
Eg. PhotoShop
- Cool ideas
o Ultra high resolution images
o Interactive art
The art and the consumer of the art can interact
o Digital sets and characters
o CGI effects: eg. Avatar
- Drama
o Computer controlled sets, lighting and sound
- Sculpture
o Sculpture with computing on-board
Eg. Belalgio fountains in Las Vegas
- Immersive environments
o Transforming a technology that creates things
- Old media
o Printing presses
o Radio, television and movie studios
- Old computers
o Standard non Neumann architecture hardware
o Standard keyboard input/output
o Particular encodings of images (jpeg), sounds (mp3)
o Printers
- Old software
o Standard operating systems
o Languages for building any application
o Utilise that replicate non-computing versions
- New media (2)
o All computer based
Specialized hardware (Xbox, Wii)
Specialized operating systems (eg. For gaming environments)
Specialized langauges (eg. To create web pages)
- Cool ideas, continued
o Direct access anytime from anyplace
o Consumer created content: YouTube
o Personalized TV: TiVo
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