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University of Saskatchewan
Computer Science
CMPT 100
Gordon Mc Calla

thNotes for CMPT 100 02 for Tues Jan912 1Computer Generations computer hardware and software can be divided into diff generations st1 1950s 1 volt per Holmes primary based on vacuum tubes Huge machines 30 x 50 feet early universities used these computers government started to use these compus to process census 1 computer used energy of one block of homes used by lg corporations research military andgov Thomas J Watsonthe founder of IBM nd2 19581960s transistors instead of tubes thumbnail size improvements faster smaller less electricity and more reliable available to other markets such as airlinessmall business primary programming languages Fortran scientific Cobol business late 50spay roll tax systems Basic education in late 50swas supposed to be so basic that even a child could use it originally in the 70s and even half of the worlds language now was programed by Cobol rd3 mid 1960s1970 integrated circuits online transistors wires etc on one silicon chip thousands of times smaller than original transistors start of embedded computers traffic signals elevators pocket calculators handheld calculatorprobably the start of banned calculators from exams y weighs 05 lbs faster than ENIAC thy 110 000 the cost of ENIAC
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