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Computer Science
CMPT 100
Gordon Mc Calla

thNotes for CMPT 100 02 for Wed Jan11121Part 2 Software and Software Systemshardware runs the software but software does all the stuff y Compu programs y Major categories of software programming lang systems applications The Stored Program Concept the stored program idea is what makes the compu such a powerful tool dont need to build new hardware every time u want to do something new software is thus highly flexible this allows great flexibility great danger easy to do wrong things we can now create a compu program and move it around vs having to rebuild the whole programmeans that the general purpose of the compu can be used to do anything but if u dont do it correctly then the compu wont work properlythe defect has to detected in oreder to fix the probWho Invented the Stored Program Concept it took considerable genius to come up with the stored program idea 1s and 0s John von Neumann 1945based on thinking about the EDVAC compuin and around the same time many others had a similar idea Zuse Eckert and Mauchly Turing Ada Bryon Countess Lovelace 1843based on notes she made about the Analytic Engineshe was fairly well to do cuz she had a painting of her Compu Programs compu programs are ultimately described in a machine lang
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