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CMPT 100

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Computer Science
CMPT 100
Gordon Mc Calla

thNotes for CMPT 100 02 for Thurs Jan 18121httpwwwguardiancouktechnology2012jan18wikipediablackoutWikipedablackout protestnewsfeedtrueHyperlinks Absolute link ex when you see Learn to Scuba you know you will automatically be directed to this specific website Relative link takes you to another pg of the same website Internal link way of moving around within the pg ex click to the top of the page linkneed to tag it bc u have to tell the compu where the top of the pg isthe compu doesnt know any diff use pg source in order to ex if your creating links to sign up for a CMPT class uofs web pg then use a web source to link to the science area which is located in the middle of the whole pg bc the compu doesnt know where the middle of the website pg is Imagesneed to add in an href in order to make it an active imagesometimes the image is slow when uploadi
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