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CMPT 100

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Computer Science
CMPT 100
Gordon Mc Calla

thNotes for CMPT 100 02 for Fri Jan 27121nd2 assignment is up Internet Addresses how the internet knows where to send somethingComputer Addressing IPv4 the UofS got their own web address however when we go to address somebody we use NSIDmailusaskca rather than 12823313063 there are aprrox 44 billion different possibilities of web addressesnot enough so not every compu got on but then maybe all of the compus that talk to the compu science department compu had the same addresssame as an extension phone line you would then send these addresses into the local server for the exception of the head compu in the compu science department nobody would be able to tell the code on ur specific compu IPv6 new addressing that will allow for some trillion address bc IPv4 wasnt enoughthis is a little bit like the telephone companyex 4 digits in small town then 7 di
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