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Computer Science
CMPT 100
Keith Mc Ilmoyl

CMPT 100 2011-03-10 User involvement - Without user involvement, you may find users who sabotage the process of delivery. Avoiding Errors - Software expertise: o Look for engineers that know a lot about building software Software Life Cycle - It is also important to recognize that software has a life cycle. Waterfall model - The waterfall model comes the closest to standard Engineering models for building physical artifices Educating a software engineer - It obviously takes great skill to be a software engineer - Where to get these skills o On the job? o Technical school IT programs o University CS programs? - What skills are needed for related jobs o Web designer? o Game developer? o New media artist/ o Bioinformatics geneticist? Myth: hackers are just kids exploring - Young hackers of the 70s and 80s have grown into adults… o Movies maintain this
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