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University of Saskatchewan
Computer Science
CMPT 100
Keith Mc Ilmoyl

CMPT 100 2011-03-15 Anti-virus - It is important to update definitions on a daily basis - Lesson: one can’t just rely on technology to defend against system attacks Myth: at least vendors are patching holes… Patches are afterthoughts-someone has already exploited the hole! Myth: there’s nothing on my computer anyone would want - That may be true for most citizens - However, citizens may use different IP addresses to perform illegal tasks Faster CPU - Most computers are faster than they need to be today - The faster the CPU, the less likely that the victim will notice the system is being used for an attack or to move files - Low security and poor policy o Home computers are especially unlikely to have all current patches installed or to be set up to operate in a reasonably secure fashion - Is there anything on the computer an attacker may want? Hacking - Hacking is easier than commonly thought - Many (perhaps the majority) are neither technically gifted, nor well trained Phishing attacks - An attack that has been automated for mass-mail social engineering Dumpster diving - Credit card receipts - Bills - Bank correspondence - Old hard drives, floppy disks, or CDs - Used ribbon from old impact printers - Packing material from a new computer with system details Virtual dumpster diving - Some information can be found by surfing the net o Email addresses CMPT 100 2011-03-15 o Organizational drafts o Memo
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