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Lecture 2

ENG 110 Lecture 2: 2ENG_110_Sense-and-Sensibility_Cooley_2016

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ENG 110
Cooley Ron

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Lecture 2 – Sense and Sensibility Prof: Ron Cooley,
Manners, Conduct and Socialization
Recall Beowulf
o“that was a good king” (11)
obanquets, speeches etc.
oSame sort of setting with honor and respect and
hospitality as a major depiction of hierarchy
Who are “we”? Do we:
oLaugh and strive for reconciliation (comedy)
oFight for what we believe in (heroic)
oAccept suffering and loss as inevitable (tragic)
oManners, rules, codes of behavior
oEvery introduction of a character shows a hint of their
manners and behaviors to help us judge their role, are
they one of “us” or one of “them”?
oSome key terms from Lucy and Elinor:
“Naturally clever”
Other terms: education, illiterate, improvement,
information, endeavor, neglect, education
(Others relevant to moral education: want of
delicacy, rectitude, integrity)
The difference in these terms can be shown as a
comparison of nature vs. nurture. What society
teaches vs. what her true nature is. Innate vs.
Acquired: you are more socially mobile as
you work for your status
Innate: the wealth that you are born with is
In that era, earned status is seen as more
distasteful than the status given at birth
though this is kinda more opposite today
oLady Middleton
Appearance, face, figure
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