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ENG 202 - The Knight's Tale (Sept. 14-19)

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ENG 202
Edna Froese

0914201101The Knights TaleCourtly Lovewoman is typically portrayed as unattainablecourtly love is a literary conventioncritics have suggested that it didnt actually reflect real lifein real life the woman was probably married for political reasonsthe notion of romantic love is a descendant of courtly love conventionsgives the lady some say in what is occurringhas the right to say no or ignore the manthis is not typical of real life at the timepossessive jealous passion over which he has no controlImageryaffliction of the loverdesire to be valorous and earn the respect of the ladylady is often unattainablemay be the wife of the speakers lordChivalryloyalty honour respect etcdid this ever exist in reality or only in literatureknight is devoted to his leader loyal to companions and determined to perform memorable deedsThe Knights TaleCourtly Lovethe men are struck with extreme love upon a mere glance of Emily without ever having spoken to herTheseus understands this loveI likewise have suffered in lovesuggests that one eventually grows out of this infatuationlovepassionChivalryPalamon and Arcite have a strong sense of fair playfight between the twoPalamon does not have a weapon so it would be unfair to fight him to the death at that point in timeReading Response QuestionsWho is the ProtagonistPalamon and Arciteevents concern themTheseus is the framewe identify with themEmilystory revolves around her
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