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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 January 6 2012 Black letter – imitates the hand of the manuscripts, but it is more legible Rubric: everything written in red Punctuation is applied more once printing is started Running headers become more common in the printed books 1456: Johannes Gutenberg produces the first printed bible, in Latin - We do not know much about him - ca. 1400-1468 - The “inventor” of moveable type - Metal worker who valued education - 290 types - 2600 types per page - He had to print a few things that would sell and test the technology before he could print the bible - Capital indulgences: “get out of jail free” – you buy one of these to get your sin to be forgiven - The Gutenberg bible o Type cutting in 1949-50 o Composition began in 1452 o Printing completed in 1456 (B42) - He printed 136-180 bibles o Most of which were in paper as it would take 140 calves to make a copy of the bible o So it would take around 2500 calves - By 1465, Italy o 1470, Paris o 1476, Westminster England – brought by Caxton Block book: Biblia pauperum printed about 1420-35 Compositors: they take the tiny pieces of type and put them into the composting sticks for each line. You have to take every piece of type, backwards, and place them into the stick to make the lines, you than set them into a form. You have to know the folds and what order the pages should go. This all came from memory, to set, type, and know which page goes where. Pressman: had to be a big strong man who could pull the press through Printers devil: young boys who would continuously be covered in ink but ran around helping everyone else The process of printing Production Organization English 204 2 January 6 2012 - Typecaster – makes individual typeface - Printer – designs overall project - Compositor – sets the type - Cutter – creates woodblocks - Corrector and reader – only high end presses would have this - Pressmen – worked the press and applied the ink - Ru
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