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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 Jan 11 2012 Rise of humanism corresponds with rise of print culture - Renaissance humanism: the rebirth and flowering of western European culture [Umanista: practitioners of the studia humanitatis or liberal arts] th - Renewal of interests in classical literature and ideas in Italy in the mid-14 century - But also ‘popular’ literature ACTES and Monuments - 1563 was it Latin - 1570 was in English - Two sides to the picture o Those who go to heaven, those who go to hell o Protestants – book is seen with this faith o Catholics – they were holding their rosary’s  The difference between Catholics and Protestants is important, it shows how Protestants receive truth and knowledge through the book, whereas Catholics do not - Images are graphic throughout the book o The images help to make is accessible, shocking, to bring to life the horrid stories o They were also brought to life in plays “Der Bapstesel zu rom” - From a reformation satire published by Phillip Melanchthon and Martin Lurther in 1523 mocking Pope Alexander VI - Cornell university Rare books John Wycliffe 1330-84 - First to translate a bible to English - After he died his bones were dug up and brunt, and then tossed into the river William Caxton [ca. 1420-1492] 1476 – printing press to England  Set is up in Westminster due to the resistance in England  His first printing was indulgences, in England in 1476 o Quick return, there is a market for them o They’re one page 1517: Indulgence Controversy; Martin Luther posts the Ninety-five theses English 204 2
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