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ENG 204
Alison Muri

The church and the printing press - 1517: reformation - 1542: roman inquisition – “penalties for the reading of heretical or of doubtful books” 9putnam 4) - 1545/; the first Italian list of prohibited books and authors - 1559: index auctorum et librorum prohibitorum th 16 century Private books [William Alabaster and John Donne] - Books that were not published in print, but instead where circulated as manuscripts among friends - Elizabeth I – 1558-1603 o Protestant o Good ruler, ruled for a long time o Very concerned with control of the press  Who can print what, who could publish what  1557 charter  Rules and laws that dealt with the press  After Elizabeth, this became life patent  How did authors make money? o Gentleman with money o Patronage Quick Overview – will be emailed - The church and state where very concerned, made it impossible to publish without their permission The Dangers of Publishing - Pamphleteer’s starting appearing across the country - To come to the presse is more dangerous, then to be prest to death, for the payne of those Tortures, last but a few minutes, but he that lyes upon the rack in pring, hath his fles torne off by the teeth of Enuy, and Calumny euen when he means no body any hurt in his graue.” – Elizabethan Pamphleteer 30) Lite
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