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Eng 204 Feb 15 2012

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University of Saskatchewan
ENG 204
Alison Muri

Dictionaries: - The modern style of dictionaries was created in the 18 century - Samuels was responsible - First time that dictionaries give examples of the usage in the English language - Encyclopedia’s are invented o Sciences, human, divine, liberal and mechanical works o Ancient and modern learning  It really tries to educate people by providing both o Ephram chambers  Can be read on ECCO – eighteenth century collections online o Tries to be a lot closer to nature itself o All new push towards education and reading Science - Rises closely with the rise of books .. ect - Thomas willis the rise of the brain - Rovery hooke, micographical News papers, periodicals, journals - Directly related to technology Scandal - Easy to sell - Huge population, lots of people to talk about Dedications, prefaces, footnotes, indexes - Devices to help you read - Page numbers - Footnotes are new and used more and more - Tale of a tub, 1707, Swift o Makes fun of it … and also a love for the antique, and the markers of “culture’ Johnathan Swift : the abuses of modern writing “a project for improving speculative knowledge by practical and mechanical operations’ - The mechanical tools are making it so easy to read that people are not actually getting an educations - It is like sniffing up the knowledge of the book - He makes fun of abstracts, summaries, compendiums .. .ect Books and enlightenment - Michel DeCreteau suggests that an idealized concept of the book lies at the heart of the enlightenment education project o “The ideology of the Enlightenment claimed that the book was capable of reforming society, that educational popularization could transform manners and customs, that an elite’s products could, if they were a sufficiently widespread, remodel a whole nations” -- the Practices of Everyday Live, 166 - Rembrant, “The Prophetess Anna,” o The light that signs in emphasizes and highlights the book - “Boy Reading” by Joshua Reynolds 1741 o Looks more engaged - “A Student,” by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1757 o Looks bored, hand covering the book o Looking away from book - “The Young Schoolmistress
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