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Eng 204 Feb 1 2012

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ENG 204
Alison Muri

English 204 1 Feb 1 2012 II. — TO MY BOOK. - Epigram: short poem ending in a witty or It will be look'd for, BOOK, when some but see ingenious turn of thought, to which the Thy title, EPIGRAMS, and named of me, Thou shouldst be bold, licentious, full of gall, rest of the composition is intended to lead Wormwood, and sulphur, sharp, and tooth'd withal ; up. o Short [up to 20 lines] Become a petulent thing, hurl ink, and wit, o Satirical As madmen stones ; not caring whom they hit. Deceive their malice, who could wish it so ; o Witty And by thy wiser temper, let men know o Ingenious turn of thought Thou art not so covetous of least self-fame, o To some extent Johnson’s was like a Made from the hazard of another's shame ; epigram Much less, with lewd, profane, and beastly phrase, - This book represents so much more, he is To catch the world's loose laughter, or vain gaze. He that departs with his own honesty not looking for vulgar praise - He is asking the reader and the book to For vulgar praise, doth it too dearly buy. understand one another, and to talk to one another - You can judge my book if it’s good III. — TO MY BOOKSELLER. to sell or not Thou that mak'st gain thy end, and wisely well, - He doesn’t want it advertised for Call'st a book good, or bad, as it doth sell, people who will not be able to Use mine so too ; I give thee leave : but crave, understand the book For the luck's sake, it thus much favor have, - He wants it to sell for itself To lie upon thy stall, till it be sought ; Not offer'd, as it made suit to be bought ; - Buckler’s-bury – a market where even if the book doesn’t sell as a Nor have my title-leaf on posts or walls, book people will buy it even if just Or in cleft-sticks, advanced to make calls For termers, or some clerklike serving-man, to wrap the fish Who sca
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